Furs – a rapidly developing industry – Nykytekstiili 1982

Reversable bluefox jacket with leather in cold and black. Tarja Niskanen

..So far shortage of labour has built a natural barrier for expansions. Another factor slowing down growth of the trade is financing. Materials are bought at auctions in cash. This ties up large amounts of capital in raw material. As an example could be mentioned that 30 to 40 fur skins are needed to manufacture a mink coat. Fur coats are sold several months aften the purchase of material and so financing causes great difficulties to many furries.

..Arranging international fur auctions in Fur Center, Vantaa will be very important for the whole Finnish fur trade. Auctions arranged several times each year bring hundreds of foreign buyers to Finland and are thus significant in many respects.

Finland is one of the leading countries as a producer of breeded furs and holds the firsta place amongst fur exporting countries in the whole world. Tge beginning of full auction activity here in 1983 plays a central role in reinforcing our international position.